Become a certification center

Dassault Systèmes draws on its extensive network of Education and Academic Partners, Engineering Schools and Universities to deploy its certification program worldwide. Certification exams are conducted online, on a secure platform, in a proctored environment via this network.

Becoming a Certification Partner enables you to:

• Be qualified and authorized to conduct exams in a proctored environment.

• Gain recognition and visibility in the market: increase your ranking and differentiate your institution / company from other players in your ecosystem.

• Create new business opportunities by certifying academic students and individuals (continuous education, unemployed).

• Offer better employability and well-paid salaries to students and people you train.

• Demonstrate the value of our solutions and sell more training programs.


Want to become a Certification Center? 

Please send us an email with your motivation and contact information using the dedicated link below:



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