3DEXPERIENCE SheetMetal Designer - Professional

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3DEXPERIENCE SheetMetal Designer - Professional

As a 3DEXPERIENCE SheetMetal Designer - Professional, you have proven your knowledge and skills with sheet metal parts design and manufacturing preparation techniques after initial training and a minimum of three months of regular practice using CATIA SheetMetal Designer.

This exam has combination of hands-on challenges and multiple-choice questions to assess the understanding of defining sheet metal parameters, creating different types of walls, cutouts and stamps, assembling products and generating sheet metal order process.

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  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Targeted audience: SheetMetal Designers
  • Recommended preparation courses, part of the Perform as a SheetMetal Designer Learning Path
    • Explore the Collaborative Business Innovator Role
    • Explore the SheetMetal Designer Role
    • Practice CATIA Part Design, Master CATIA Part Design
    • Practice CATIA Bent Part Design
    • Practice CATIA Sheet Metal Design
    • Practice CATIA Drafting
    • Practice CATIA Assembly Design, Master CATIA Assembly Design
  • Required Product: 3DEXPERIENCE platform R2021x or higher
  • Available Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean
  • Prerequisite skills
    • Ability to search parts in the 3DEXPERIENCE database
    • Ability use the following apps:
      • SheetMetal Design
      • Assembly Design
      • Drafting
    • Ability to use basic surface design tools and dimensioned drawings
  • Skills tested
    • Ability to define the sheet metal parameters
    • Ability to create walls and flanges
    • Ability to create cutouts, holes and stamps
    • Ability to do the manufacturing preparation using drawing and sheet metal order process
    • Ability to assemble the products
    • Ability to use basic surface features and create parametric models
    • Ability to use Bent Part Design to create conceptual designs
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