Contest Starts May 25, 2021

Attention! Engineering Students and Future Innovators, do you want to showcase your design skills, creativity, and innate talent?

Then wear your thinking hat and ideate your innovative product to match the themes of this year’s Contest using 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, SOLIDWORKS, or any other Dassault Systèmes' software.

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Prepare your product idea to participate in the Contest

Boost your innovative mind and think upon generating a unique and creative product idea based on the four themes proposed for this year’s challenge.

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Themes Aakruti 2021

THEME 01 – Re-engineer Existing Plastic product with Biodegradable material

What to Design?

Pick up any daily use product mainly made off non-compostable plastic. Re-engineer that product by replacing it with compostable material / recyclable material, without losing functional expectation of the product. Propose a solution to how this new product can be mass-produced?

How to Design?

By applying Engineering skills, Material science, and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Who will get Benefits?

Universal citizen, industries to comply with environmental norms or replacing plastics

THEME 02 – Affordable product for Healthcare

What to Design?

Development of products that addresses a real clinical need. That should be affordable, energy-efficient, easy to handle, flexible, do more with less. Product design should be innovative and will be a great boon to patient/medical practitioners and users.

How to Design?

Understand healthcare support needed by common citizens in easy-to-use, convenient form. Innovation for low-cost, affordable products with simplified design is expected. Teams opting for this theme would be preferred to have a collaboration of one member from Engineering and one from the Medical sciences field.

Who will get Benefits?

Doctor, Physician, Patients, common citizens.

THEME 03 – Scientific Toy Design for Kids

What to Design?

Toys are children’s word and play is their language”. What if, we can design toys? That includes STEM learning-based, specifically designed to either introduce or reinforce a child's knowledge in the scientific, technology and even to introduce them to engineering concepts. Teaching multiple concepts from these disciplines, triggering curiosity in them, through innovatively designed toys is preferred.

How to Design?

“Choose the age group of children (from kids to students in 10th standard) & science concept(s) to design a toy. Toy(s) can also be designed by applying many of the engineering concepts e.g. kinematics, mechanisms, aesthetics, innovative plug and play modular designs to help students learn/explore science/engineering in a fun-filled exploratory experience. Use your imagination, knowledge & skills to create such toys.

Who will get Benefits?

School-going kids.

THEME 04 – Water for Life

What to Design?

While water is viewed as the next big challenge for the world, can we explore ways to optimize its use? Innovate and create the solutions which will help to minimize the use of water in households, industries, agriculture & public places. Design innovative products/devices even to conserve water, to help in increasing groundwater level, avoid water losses, avoid water contamination, and clean the water reservoirs.

How to Design?

Devise a machine, product & process that meets the defined objectives. New ideas/concepts/innovation are encouraged. Avoid reproducing existing products.

Who will get Benefits?

Universal Citizen.

Aakruti 2021 Prizes

How to Win the Contest:

Register your team and product design idea

  • Follow the contest timelines and guidelines posted from time to time in the community.
  • Submit your initial design concepts, start working on your product design and submit your final product design.
  • Submit your final product design to qualify in the zonal rounds.
  • Submitted final product designs will undergo evaluations based on judging criteria & Jury vote.
  • Online zonal contests will be conducted for three zones across India
  • In total, the top 30 zonal teams (10 teams from each zone) will be called upon for the online zonal contest. Communication to the teams will be sent over emails, where the teams will present their product designs.
  • From each zone, the top three teams will be qualified for AAKRUTI 2021 Finale.
  • Selected teams will be called for the online AAKRUTI 2021 Finale event. To present their ideas to the imminent juries from the Industry, Academia, Technology, and Social sectors.


Aakruti 2021 timeline


  • Participation in this Contest is entirely free, no purchase or payments are necessary.
  • The Contest is open to students studying, on a full-time or part-time basis, throughout the Contest until at least December 31, 2021.
  • Graduated students are not eligible for the Contest.
  • Students from multiple streams or year, college or university can form a team and participate in the contest.
  • Registration as a team of four person is mandatory.
  • Registration is extended till August 10, 2021

Register now and get free access

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Registrations are closed

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Preparing Product Design
  • The participating team will need to request access to 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and SOLIDWORKS application license. After verification, participants will receive access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and SOLIDWORKS
  • After successful registration and access to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and SOLIDWORKS, teams need to work upon the detailed design of their product idea and start preparing the 3D design model using SOLIDWORKS
Initial Design Concept Submission
  • Participating teams need to submit their product title and short synopsis. Before the last date of submission for the initial design concept in provided format to the organizer.
  • Initial design concept should include a short synopsis of product idea explaining the Product name, theme of the Contest on which the team is submitting the product design; current challenges, short description of how your product is a solution to these challenges, and the basic concept of your product.
Final Product Design Submission
  • From the start of registration, participating teams will get around 90 days to design their products in detail before the Last date of the Final Submission.
  • Participating team has to submit their final product design in detail including the 3D design model, PowerPoint presentation explaining the product design project in detail based on the guidelines and criteria of the evaluation provided by the organizer.
Judging criteria

100 Total possible points

1. Theme Adherence

  • Creativity (15 points) –
    - How innovative is the product? 
    - What will be the impact on society if this product is used?
  • Originality of the concept (10 points)
    - Is this a completely new product idea?
    - Is it a modification of an existing product - If yes, is this a new idea, or has it been discussed / tried before? 
    - How unique is this product?
  • Design Concept (10 points)
    - Was it a very easy design or a complex design?
    Is it easy to adapt or use?

2. Product Design

  • Practicality / Feasibility (10 points)
    - Ease of manufacturing / cost of manufacturing
    - Feasibility of use in the intended situation & location / completeness of the proposal
  • Depth of research / Depth of the proposal (10 points)
    - Level of detailing of the proposal
    - Depth of the thought process.
  • Detailing of Design (SW Model, Analysis and Rendering) (10 points)
    - Level of detailing & rendering in the SW Model / Product Design
    - Use of Simulation/Analysis while creating the Model / Product Design
    - Parts/Assembly should not be imported (Native CAD data should be from any DASSAULT SYSTEMES software)
  • Do It Yourself (05 points)
    - DIY Report must have complete manufacturing details i.e. Objective, Bill Of Materials, RAW Material details, Assembly Details, Manufacturing Details and Manufacturing Drawings
  • Prototyping & testing (05 points)
    - Does the prototype of the product is prepared? 
    - Prototype is functional or non-functional.

3.Activities Participation (10 points)

- Participation in all activities.
- Completion of the activities

4. Jury Assessment

  • Overall Presentation (10 points)
    - Is it capturing the design intent? 
    - Has the idea been effectively presented / communicated)
    - Effectiveness of Pitch
    - Time Adherence for Pitch
  • Q&A Round (5 points)
    - How well have the questions been answered?
A21 Rules

AAKRUTI 2021 - Official Rules

Previous editions

Access to Aakruti 2020 edition here.

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