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Request a License transfer (changing computers)

I have changed my computer, how to adapt my license on it?
→ You have to determine your new TARGET-ID and modify it in your download Center (license transfer):

To request a license transfer, you have to:

1/ Generate the new TARGET-ID corresponding to your new machine (please refer to the TARGET-ID article in 6-Download in the installation guide) and get ready to paste it..

2/ Go to your Download Center.

→ To access it, first click on CONNECT at the top of the page (1) → Login (2) → then click on your initials (3) to access to your profile which includes your download center. Once on your download Center (4), choose CATIA Student Edition Software and click on “Instructions” (5), scroll to Step B: your license is already activated and your previous TARGET-ID is mentioned in green.


To update it, paste your new TARGET-ID in the dedicated field and click on “ACTIVATE MY COMPUTER”.
You will receive shortly after an email with your new license (.lic) file based on new the TARGET-ID.

Process license transfer

Once your License file (.lic) received, import it in your Nodelock Management to activate it.

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