What are the solutions for students available?

Discover our new 3DEXPERIENCE solutions for students now!

Collaborative Business Mech designer 3DEXP SW
3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Students: A powerful 3D design application to quickly innovate and create organic shapes with ease. 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA for Students: High-level applications to create and manage the design and engineering of your project(s). 3DEXPERIENCE Engineer for Students: An innovative suite of applications covering the design, simulation and manufacturing ecosystem on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
How can I get Abaqus Student Edition? CST Student Edition?

Solutions are available here (link to SIMULIA dedicated community)

Are xFlow, GEOVIA and DELMIA Apriso available for students?
No student edition of these products is available at the moment
Is CATIA V5 Student Edition still available? Can I get for free?

CATIA V5 Student Edition can no longer be ordered by students from our website. However, academic institutions can now request CATIA V5 Student Edition to their preferred reseller. Licenses will be provided to schools who will make the license keys available on the cloud for easy access from anywhere.

Alternatively, why not explore the new 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA for Students instead to learn the latest industry-leading software and get certified?


I have difficulties buying the new 3DEXPERIENCE solutions for Students

Please check the following Q&A for 3DEXPERIENCE Student Editions

Is there technical support available for 3DEXPERIENCE for Students?

You have a question regarding the 3DEXPERIENCE platform or want to check tutorials and discuss with other students?
Please check the following community!

Students comm

Support request for Abaqus and CST

Please check the SIMULIA Academic Support Policy and dedicated the wiki

CATIA V5 & ICEM Surf - Direct access to our Wiki (Support community)

Support request for CATIA V5

CATIA V5 Student Edition support service has been discontinued but you can check previous questions and get help from peers from the community


Swym community


Is there free learning content for Students?

You can get learning content through our 3DEXPERIENCE for Students offers where you get app, learning content and certification

Where can I find learning materials?

All our learning materials are available at EDU Space, please check with your teacher for more details.

You can get EDU Space access from obtaining the 3DEXPERIENCE in your classroom or through 3DEXPERIENCE for students solutions (bundle of app + learning + certification)

I have difficulties accessing to EDU Space

Please contact us using the following email


What are the available certifications for students?

Discover our brand new 3DEXPERIENCE for Students offers starting at $60!
Unleash your imagination and develop your professional capabilities in collaborative working, project management, data management, 3D design, simulation, and more.

Each offer comes with a full package that includes Certification with a Digital Badge that you can share on social networks (in addition to learning materials, software and community access)

Collaborative Business

A powerful 3D design application to quickly innovate and create organic shapes with ease.

Mech designer

High-level applications to create and manage the design and engineering of your project(s).


An innovative suite of applications covering the design, simulation and manufacturing ecosystem.

3 Certifications available:

solidworks certifications

- 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Business & Industry Innovator

This will grant you with a "Be a SOLIDWORKS Collaborative Mechanical Designer" certifying curricula

Buy & Get certified!

3 Certifications available:

CATIA certifications

- 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Business & Industry Innovator
- 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Innovator
- 3DEXPERIENCE Mechanical Designer

This will grant you with a "Be a CATIA Collaborative Mechanical Designer " certifying curricula

Buy & Get certified!

4 Certifications available:

Engineer certifications

- 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Business & Industry Innovator
- 3DEXPERIENCE Mechanical Designer
- 3DEXPERIENCE Structural Designer
- 3DEXPERIENCE NC Prismatic Machine Programmer

This will grant you with a "Be a 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Cross-Discipline Engineer "

Buy & Get certified!

For other solutions, please check the certification page

How do I prepare for an exam?
Getting certified requires serious preparation. Check the certification descriptions thoroughly to see how best to prepare for your Dassault Systèmes' certification exam. All Professional Level Certifications require at least initial hands-on experience in addition to either training at a Dassault Systèmes Authorized Education Partner, your university or school or online via 3DEXPERIENCE© Edu SPACE.
Can the exam be paused?
No break is allowed during the exams.
What do I receive when I pass an exam?
When you pass an exam with success, your electronic certificate is automatically generated.
What is the retake policy?

When you fail an exam, there is a 14-day waiting period before retaking the same exam.
Note: when you pass an exam with success, you cannot retake it.

Other Topics

Do you have internship/apprenticeship opportunities?

All the Dassault Systèmes offers are available on our Careers website

Are Student competitions available ?

ChallengesToday, it’s your turn to engage in changing the world by competing with others in high-end challenges. Discover all the Challenges where you can showcase your skills!


To allow everyone to win a prize, Dassault Systèmes is giving away best-in-class solutions, training materials and a dedicated support community to all teams taking part. → Start the competition and get the 3DEXPERIENCE FOR FREE!


As a customer, where can I find support for the trainings my company has bought?
To get support once your company has purchased 3DEXPERIENCE learning roles, you may contact As a prospect company, you may get more info on our learning offer from the Contact tab to be recontacted by a sales representative.
What kind of technical support do I get once my company has purchased some learning?
As a company, you’ll be able to contact our Support team directly through your dedicated private community.


Is there free learning content for companies?
No, there is no free learning content. You may go to and check our catalog to learn more about our offers. 
As an individual, can I buy the learning libraries offer?
No, this offer is only available to companies at the moment.
How do I know which Learning Library best meets my needs?
For each Learning Library, you can browse a dedicated catalog which shows the 3DEXPERIENCE roles supported by each learning module.
What do the learning libraries stand for?
Learning Experience libraries are dedicated to companies to ensure their teams become proficient with their 3DEXPERIENCE roles. Each library is composed of courses and learning paths designed just for you: A learning path allows you to quickly understand the value of the 3DEXPERIENCE roles. It’s composed of two types of learning modules: • Explore: Get guidance on how to quickly become proficient in the corresponding 3DEXPERIENCE role and practice your newly gained skills. • Practice: Deep dives with hands-on activities, become proficient and earn recognition with certificates validating your skills.
Where can I find learning materials?
All our learning materials are available at EDU Space portal, depending on your profile and your roles. Please check with your companies for more details.
Is there a certification included into the learning libraries offer?
Yes, there is Associate and Professional certification exams included. A digital badge that allow you to show off your acquired skills is also available. For more info on Certification, you may email
Whom Learning Libraries are dedicated to?
They are available to companies only. If your company is using the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform, you can access the 3DLearn widget, as part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. If not, you can get access to the Learning Libraries via the Dassault Systèmes Learning Portal Edu Space. To know more, go to


As a teacher I am interested in one of your academic offer, what should I do?
You may go to, select the offer you are interested in, fill in the corresponding form, and you will be contacted by a Sales representative.
I am a Dassault Systèmes’ academic customer already, how do I provide learning content to my students?
You may refer to your partner or sales representative to know more about how to request the accesses, and they will send all necessary information.
Some of my students want to learn more about Dassault Systèmes’ solutions by their own, what should I recommend them?
They may go to and buy our Students offers. There are 3 available offers.  
I have questions regarding my available learning content, whom to contact?
For any support on your learning content, please contact


Support contact
For any technical support on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, visit our dedicated community 3DEXPERIENCE Edu | Academics where you will get help from other teachers and peers. For any support on your learning content, please contact