Project Timeline
First stage

The projects preliminary/first stage are published in two publication:

A book chapter in a book published by CRC Press:

Al-Tamimi, A., Fernandes, P., Peach, C. and Bartolo, P. (2017). Novel metallic bone fixation implants with reduced stiffness. In: F. Silva, H. Bártolo, P. Bártolo, R. Almendra, F. Roseta, H. Almeida and A. Lemos, ed., Challenges for Technology Innovation: An Agenda for the Future, 1st ed. CRC Press, pp.347-351.

A journal article in Virtual and Physical Porotyping:

"Al-Tamimi AA, Fernandes P, Peach C, Cooper G, Diver C, Bartolo P. Metallic bone fixation implants: A novel design approach for reducing the stress shielding phenomenon. Virtual and Physical Prototyping 2017;12(02)."

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