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The 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Hub is both a physical and a virtual space where we are analyzing the Skills of the future, we are creating experiential learning projects and we are animating  a community of Learning Labs among our academic partners.

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experience based learning

For secondary or higher education, for the classroom or the Lab, for courses or projects, explore our Learning Experience library and develop your engineering skills with fun projects!
Secondary Education
Project-based Learning
Global Collaboration
Flip Learning
Virtual Lab
Digital Learning

Dive into the most innovative experiences created in the lab and see how they move the frontiers of education and research

Discover new ways of learning with the aid of digital content, platform or facilitators

Be inspired by various examples of flipping lectures and also labs

See how educators empower their students to produce engineering results across time zones, languages and cultures

Discover how Dassault Systèmes solutions help you move your ideas into working electromechanical systems

Explore actual examples of multidisciplinary learning activities boosted by our vast set of capabilities and unique ePBL infrastructure

See how digital learning solutions can motivate pre-college students for STEM studies

Extend the reach and learning scope of your lab equipment

POPPY Humanoid Robot
Poppy, the open source robot in 3D-printed components
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Living Lung
Dive into lung and trachea modelization and simulation
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