3D Extended Textbook

Beyond the basic textbook
Discover 3D animation with 3DVIAComposer.
In partnership with the publishers Hachette Technique, 3DEXPERIENCE Edu HUB has created 3D animations using 3DVIAComposer and integrated them into the digital version of the technology handbook in order to better illustrate tools and systems studied during the two last years of French technology-oriented high school sections “STI2D”.
Students can access these animations from the Internet, with any computer, and observe, manipulate and decompose technical items studied in their curriculum. These animations are perfectly fit for flipped classrooms, where teachers ask students to work at home before perfecting their understanding in classrooms. Classroom activities themselves become more interactive by relying on such 3D content.
Voice-over data can be substituted easily into another language, as in the French example where the English version is used in a course combining technology and English as a foreign language. 
In Partnership with
Hachette Technique
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3D extended textbook

To Go Further

You can go on Hachette Technique website to test the animations by yourself (the book interface is in French but the animations are in English and French). Once on the digital textbook, click on this icon Link indicating that there is an animation linked to the book illustration.