Dual-rotor Aerospace 

Fly towards a new experience with the Quanser AERO

Discover our learning experience: how to created a 3D visualization combined with multi-physics behaviors.

A virtual twin of the brand new 2 Degrees of Freedom (2 DOF) device: the Quanser AERO was designed in collaboration with Quanser, world leader in design and manufacture of advanced systems for real-time control design and implementation in industry, education and research.

During his internship, Melvyn created a 3D visualization of the real device by implementing multi-physics behaviors (electrical, mechanical…) with the use of CATIA Systems. Now, the virtual twin can be manipulated as the real one.

A simulation can be performed by connecting the real device to its virtual twin.

One considerable interest of the virtual twin is for students to be able to work on it at home.

Back to school, they reconnect the real device to its twin to run their simulation.

Web seminars and hands-on will soon be available.

Stay tuned for more information about the real device and its virtual twin with CATIA Systems.

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Dual-rotor Aerospace

Dual-rotor Aerospace | Learning Experience for Teachers

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