Teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics through robotics
Discover how to create, develop and implement lasting learning practices and materials in robotics, a multi-disciplinary field.
EURLAB is an Erasmus+ funded project which gathers high school students, teachers, and European companies.
By pooling skills and resources to create a European Robotics Lab, teachers and companies develop lasting learning materials and students can design robots thanks to physical, digital, and collaborative tools.
This project enhances creativity and innovation among students, which is essential for industrial development and European growth.
In Partnership with
Heinz Noxdorf Berufskolleg Istituto Technico Industriale A. Monaco Lycée L. Armand Erasmus+
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Eurlab Presentation

Eurlab Presentation

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To get more information about Eurlab project, you can read the presentation.


With the ARDUINO™ card

The goal of this course is to teach students how to connect the EURLAB Zero Experience to the 3DEXPERIENCE, and how to control both the virtual and real model from the ARDUINO™ card.