Flipping odontology practical lab work
Dassault Systèmes, in collaboration with teachers and researchers in dentistry from Lyon 1 University, developed interactive 3D content to complete and improve standard courses of 1st-year students in odontology.
To achieve this experience, we modeled in 3D the tooth, the cavity and the tools involved in a cavity treatment. Thanks to this experience, educators will be able to produce and share educational 3D content with their students.
The experience is accessible through a web platform:
- At home: students can prepared the course and the exercises thanks to 3D animations.
- In class: as part of educator’s lecture, they can concretely study the subject matter of the course.
- During practical works: they can directly and safely treat the cavity, guided step by step through the 3D scenario. They will understand better what they are learning as well as microscopic and macroscopic effects.
In Partnership with
In partnership with Lyon 1 University