Print Your Helicopter!

Multidisciplinary project-based learning quadcopter project
Two DS engineers, Matthieu, interested in mechanical design, and Romain, keen on micro-controllers and scale modeling, have combined their skills to build a new “quadcopter” from its digital design to its first actual flight. To realize this personal project, they have associated the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with a 3D-Printer, a simple Arduino card and some mechanical skills.
Matthieu and Romain have shared their experience so that you can create a similar project with your students.
Find out about the details of their progression by logging into this community.
You can also take a look at their video to see how the project went.
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Quadcopter package

zip 1.39 MB
We have collected the elements and pieces of information you need to build a similar copter.
In this package you will find:
- A definition of a quadcopter
- Websites on which you can buy the needed elements
- Links to tutorials explaining how to assemble the elements
- A 3D digital model of the quadcopter (MSQuadcopter.3Dxml)