Project-based learning with 3DEXPERIENCE

Implement your own digital framework for PBL

For the first time, project-based learning is supported by an integrated, distributed, digital workspace. Open to all stakeholders in a project, such workspace can be easily structured by customizing yourself the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
Accessible from anywhere, anytime on the cloud, this customization provides students and educators a flexible framework which addresses essential activities within a project:
- Inspire: A dashboard that federates the most recent views on any, precisely selected web content relating to the problem to solve. This provides the ideal space for contextualizing ideation.
- Learn: A complete view on structured and unstructured scientific knowledge associated to the project and combining educator’s content, relevant literature, any type of digital references and various mentoring and peer learning capabilities.
- Innovate: A social space where students describe, share and evaluate their propositions to promote collective convergence towards a team’s solution.
- Create: A vast set of industry-realistic organizational tools to structure the team’s work process as well as the lifecycle of the solution and its deliverables.
- Evaluate: A tab dedicated to educators providing means to mark and give feedback on the project
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