TADS Under Pressure

Under pressure: exploring the secrets of the deep sea
Lenora Goodwin, an American high school teacher of biology, chemistry, environmental science and forensics worked in collaboration with Jennifer Roe, a physics and chemistry teach, to create the twelve day classroom unit called "Under Pressure: Exploring the Secrets of the Deep".
The deep sea environment is very complex and difficult to replicate in the classroom, which led to the development of projects requiring 3D modeling. The project design is ideal for multi-disciplinary classrooms (environmental science, physics, chemistry, biology); however, this particular unit focuses on Chemistry – more specifically, the laws of gas.
Dassault Systèmes solutions were used for 3D modeling of gas containers for hydrothermal vents.
IF WE design classroom projects based on real-world problems, which integrate innovative technologies, team work, and engineering practices, we can inspire the next generation of innovators.
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