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Indian Tachnology

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are safe and being in home. Let’s take your first step to make India Developed and Self Dependent. We have contributed through our innovative idea that you can do, too. We have made domestic process device which has two sided beneficial for study/ research purpose as other is to carry out process and taking out Jaggery finally. Yes, it is possible to process out sugarcane and making Jaggery in home where one will be surprised that Jaggery can be made in home in such easiest way. Alongside, no bagasse, no smoke and good quality of jaggery you will be carried.

Please like and share as you can, because this is Indian Engineers step to transform India from Developing to Developed and make India self dependent required in situations like Corona Pandemic. Helping new hands to each our nation citizen will add to our developing country pathway!!

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