[News] A collaborative project at the 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020



Four students from three different countries met up at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 for an intense 15-hour collaborative experience. The team was made up of Gourab from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Pierre from ESILV in France, Nilesh from KJ Somaiya College of Engineering in Mumbai and Ayush from DYPIEMR in Pune, India.

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For around 15 hours, they worked collaboratively using the 3DEXPERIENCE to design and simulate the sleeping quarters of a submarine. “This project taught me the power of technology, which can enable creators from different parts of the world to build something as complicated as the interiors of a submarine together.” explained participant Nilesh. For this project, they used SOLIDWORKS, SIMULIA and DELMIA apps on the platform to study the use of space, human ergonomics, and to simulate the strength of the equipment in the sleeping quarters.

They started by modelling the furniture, like beds and cabinets, with SOLIDWORKS and xDesign.

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“If one knows design but needs help in simulation, the platform enables to connect to a simulation expert and then both can work virtually together and the task is completed.” said participant Ayush. The team explored the SIMULIA apps by running a CFD simulation on the external hull to test its aerodynamic properties. They also used a mechanical simulation app to ensure that the beds would be strong enough. And finally, they used ergonomic apps from DELMIA to check if the crew would have enough space to sleep comfortably.

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“Work on this project was a great opportunity to learn how to collaborate with my teammates with the help of the tools of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform,” said participant Pierre. Throughout the project, the participants collaborated via a dashboard. They were able to share their ideas, comments, and track design evolutions. Despite using different apps, they never had to leave the platform!

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