3D modeling of a complex geological structure

From the field, to the map, to the model, to end with the printing

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Hello! We are two third year students in Earth Sciences in UniLaSalle. The purpose of our work is the three dimensional modelling of complex geological structures in the Spanish Pyrenees (Eripol). Actually, Earth Science is a discipline which needs a good perception of 3D to be understood. Unfortunately, most of the tools used as back-up are in 2D (maps, cross-sections…) and most of the people have difficulties to understand the 3D structures from 2D data. The ultimate goal is then to make the understanding of a geological structure more accessible, and to see if the 3D helps to highlight possible problems that could occur with a 2D interpretation. Our journey began with a one month field trip, which permitted to collect all the geologic data needed. With this data, we were able to draw the geological map of the area and build a three dimensional model through a whole year. Our model is now on the final step of realization with a 3D printing, which will allow to show it and let it be manipulated by a great number of people.
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