3D modeling of geological structures in Spain

(Almazorre - Aragon)

Created on 2019.05.13 125 views
Creating a 3D visualization based on 2D illustrations is not a simple thing for the human brain. Thus, understanding geology and teaching it is complicated. The goal of this project is to model 3D geological layers and structures to understand formation and geometry in the basement. The studied structures correspond to a fault corridor located at Almazorre in the Rio Vero bed in the Spanish Pyrenees. The interest of having made a model on this zone is the fact that the flow of the Rio Vero makes it possible to see all the structures. For this, a one-month field campaign was carried out in order to collect the various data useful for the design of the model (dip measurements, geological mapping ...). These data led to the completion of 23 geological sections that, combined with the Digital Terrain Model (DTM), were used to construct the 3D model of the study area using CATIA. Bibliographic research was conducted to understand the establishment and formation of different structures to avoid misinterpretations in the model. This work made it possible to understand not only the arrangement of the geological structures on the surface, but also in depth. Although the current model of the geological structures of the Rio Vero is not perfect, it remains reliable and faithful to the real aspect of the study area. Obviously, areas for improvement are proposed so that students in the coming years can design even more accurate three-dimensional models.Write the description of your project here !
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