3D modeling offshore wind turbines

3 offshore wind turbines

Created on 2020.04.22 208 views
This project is created for a student memory in partnership with Dassault Systèmes. It signs up in the ocean project of Dassault Systèmes which want to develop projects related to the oceans and their protection.  During this group project, we have modelled three types of offshore wind turbine: the first one is monopile, the second one floating and the last one, gravitational wind turbine. These wind turbines have been planted in a 3-dimensional block representing the sea and the seabed in order to integrate them into an environment. The blades of each turbines can turn on an axis at different speeds. The different parts of the wind turbines are made separately and are empty so that the internal mechanics can be integrated in a future project. The project has already been improved by modelling the wiring of the turbines that connect them to the coast. The project will be taken up by other groups of students to make it more realistic. A possible improvement would be to carry out simulations of winds and sea currents in order to see their impacts on the offshore wind turbines.
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