3D Modeling of the quarry of Vigny

Development of a virtual reality application

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This project is issue from a student thesis, in partnership with the county council of Val d'Oise. The goal of this project is to create a model in 3 dimensions of the quarry of Vigny. This quarry is exceptional in France. There are traces of major geological events, which have marked the geological history of the planet. The quarry is open to the public, however its geological contents is difficult to understand and conceive. The purpose of this project is to facilitate the understanding and the conceiving of the quarry, with helping of a 3D model. Furthermore, the aim was to animate the model, and the geological layers in function of time. We must also animate the native fauna and flora of the time (60 million years). In a first time, a one month drone acquisition campaign and a geological study of the quarry was carried out (Photogrammetry Softwares). The acquisition with the drone including the data obtained in the field aims to obtain a 3D surface, as well as a complete model. The softwares used for create the model structure was : "Assembly Design", "Generative Wireframe and Surface", "Part Design", "Sketch Tracer" and "Terrain Preparation". In order to animate the model, "Creative Experience" from 3DEXCITE is use.
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