3D simulation of a magma flow

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Hello everyone! We are Anaïs and Eléa, two students in geology and environment from UniLaSalle, an engineering school in France. Our thesis is about the 3D simulation of a magma flow in a dyke. A dyke is a geological formation, similar to a crack, in which the magma circulates at a great speed during an eruption. A magma naturally contains solid crystals, gas bubbles and dissolve gas so we incorporated those in our model. We used the software ABAQUS© to model the magma with its bubbles and dissolve gas. The crystals were created with 3DEXPERIENCE© Catia and then imported in ABAQUS©. We worked on the different parameters that influence magma flow such as density, magma speed, gravity, interaction properties etc. The purpose of our subject is to model a magma flow as realistic as possible in order to be used by young students to understand how its properties change its behaviour.
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