8 X 8 Lateral & Longitudinal Vehicle Dynamics of Military land vehicle

An armoured tank

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  • Multibody dynamics of wheel and tracked vehicles can be validated and used to predict behaviour on hard surfaces for variety of events. However . However, when the vehicle is simulated over a deformable terrain, no current methodology can fully represent the dynamic interactions of the vehicle and the soft soil. 
  • When designing a vehicle, engineers will often resort to using their past experience with physical testing to predict how the vehicle will behave once it leaves the hard road surface. Only when the vehicle is built and tested, can they obtain the actual data for how the vehicle performs over soft soils.
  •  And for many low-rate or expensive vehicles, the prototype may actually be the end product as well, requiring major modifications to the physical vehicle once off-road testing is performed.
  • Accurately modeling the terramechanics is key to understanding the mobility characteristics of off-road vehicles, and understanding how changes to the vehicle and terrain will impact the dynamic behaviour.
  • The first step towards integrating an MBD model with a DEM soil model is to validate each model within its own domain. By isolating this initial verification phase, each model can be tested independently to ensure the behavior meets the desired specifications
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