Abhighatya Suchit

An autonomous bottle shredder

Created on 2020.06.24 197 views
Problem statement :  Plastic is non decomposable material , most commonly found plastic is in the form of cans or bottle, 6000 tonnes of  waste is generated from PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) bottle on daily basis in India. The management of these waste needs innovative solution,in order to stop unsafe and hazardous methods of  disposal of plastic waste. 1) In transportation of bottle waste to processing plant , the space required is more as compared to weight of  waste. 2) Sorting ? Segregating the bottles based upon its material is difficult , as it is accomplished manually till the date Solution / Product description : Shredder machine is designed to cut the volume of bottle waste for easy handling purpose , with a functionality of material detection of bottle by image processing and further shreds it & followed by segregating them into different bins. After every single shred of a bottle , a user will be delivered with an incentive. The machine plays a important role in modern waste management & disposal, Environment friendly , the recycling industries will be benefited through a reduction in transportation ,labor cost and power consumed in pre - processing of raw material. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCgNDliv19E
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