Acoustic Energy Wall

Noise Barrier

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Problem Statement In 2011, World Health Organization recognized that there is need to decrease environmental noise on an urgent basis. But till today no significant work or experimentation has been carried over this. Excessive noise harms human health and also interfere people’s daily activities at school, work or home. It disturbs sleep, causes cardiovascular and psychophysiological effects. Noise pollution can cause hypertension, high stress level, hearing loss, etc. Generally, noise pollution arises from roads where running vehicles promotes air pollution. The ecological research on constructing a new aesthetic relationship between human and nature has drawn wide attention from all circles of the society. Green innovation design has become the focus of global concern. Hence we have decided to design and develop a product for reducing noise and air pollution using natural resources. Objective Currently, there are number of sound absorber shields are available but they are so expensive for use. Everybody ignores the sound pollution as there is no technical solution using natural resources is available. Focusing on green revolution, we have developed a product having the following objectives: 1. To reduce the noise pollution: Reduce traffic or train noise upto normal audible sound. 2. To reduce air pollution: Elimination of harmful emissions from automobiles 3. To build a product adaptable to environment. 4. To build a product for a longer lifetime. 5. To design a Cost Effective Solution.
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