Advanced Aerial Vehicle (AAV)

Concept vehicle which will serve as a mode of transportation in future.

Created on 2020.06.26 189 views
Today the increase in population and a need for a faster, easily accessible and more reliable transportation mode has given rise to more people trying to build a more futuristic design which can also utilize clean and smart sources of energy. This design introduces a similar ideology for a futuristic aerial vehicle or an aerial bike. The design that is being suggested here is inspired by V22 Osprey and hence some of its remarkable features like tilt rotor mechanism have been incorporated in this design. The major benefit of using the tilt rotor design is that it can be used for vertical takeoff and landing that will ensure that we do not require a large space for the vehicle to takeoff. Also, as this design uses a bike like structure, it will occupy much less space. This design can easily be used by the police and military as the structure of the vehicle allows complete view of the area. This vehicle can also be used by disaster management authorities and moreover in future this vehicle can also be utilized as a personal aerial vehicle after some modifications to the design. The concept has been modelled on CATIA V5 R20 and has been rendered on Solidworks Visualize 2017.
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