AIgle Racing Drone

Abstract drone design for Artificial Intelligence drone racing competitions (DRL, IROS)

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In recent years, drone racing has garnered increasing public interest. So too have drone races where the drone is not controlled by a human but by Artifical Intelligence (AI). Races such as the IROS Autonomous Drone Racing pose teams with the challenge of flying through a series of gates in the shortest timespan. To make the quality of AI the deciding factor, all teams were supplied with the same drone. However, this poses challenges to both the organisation who need to supply these drones, and to the teams that could not acquire such a drone and as such could not test their algorithms. Mission Objective In order to overcome the issues of previous years’ competitions and to support the development and advancement of AI, the AIgle group of Delft University of Technology designed open-source hardware for future AI drone races. This was done for the Design Synthesis Exercise thesis for the bachelor Aerospace Engineering. Furthermore, the group will also develop software for the drone, serving both to demonstrate the drone’s capabilities and serving as a basis for future teams to develop their own programs on. System Components Power & Propulsion
  • 4 x Propellers APC 6x4E 
  • 4 x Motors SunnySky R23x05 (2300 kv) 
  • Battery Tiger Power: 3600 mAh battery 65C 4S 
Structural Design
  • Motor mount connector - Carbon Fiber 90 Degree Tangent Tube Mount - 12” Long
  • Tube for arms tube, Filament Wound, Sanded, 0.875x1.125x12 Inch
  • Dampers for electronics IDC S2 Dampers - SM2-044-A 
  • 3D printing filament PEI ULTEM 1010 FILAMENT 500g
  • Receiver 1 FrSky R-XSR 
  • Receiver 2 FrSky XM 
  • WIFI Module Intel Wireless-AC 9560 
  • Carrier Board Custom Carrier Board 
  • 4 in 1 ESC T Motor F45A V2.0 6S 4IN1 32 bit 
  • Flight controller Lumenier Lux F7 
  • LED’s DC12V 5050 LED Strip Licht 
  • Computer NVIDIA Xavier NX + Development kit 
  • Camera e-CAM50_CUNANO 
  • Wiring 0.2m 10AWG and 0.2m 26AWG 
  • XT150 Connector XT150 Connector/Plug 
  • DC Power Connectors Sourcingmap 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC Power Connectors Male
  • Antennas WIFI Laird Connectivity 0600-00057 
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