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Optimising Paintball marker performance through altering bolt geometry

Created on 2018.06.14 37 views
I'm Samuel Kill showcasing a project which involved using SolidWorks to adapt a firing bolt found in a paintball marker. The project required the use of 3D design in two distinct areas. To construct the scientific method, the paintball marker assembly was constructed in SolidWorks allowing for a test rig to be designed around it. To ensure reliable calibration during experimentation, a laser adapter was modelled around the marker geometry and 3D printed. The change in ballistic performance of different bolts was investigated through the use of SolidWorks to adapt the geometry of the firing bolt. CFD was combined with SolidWorks for iterative design until satisfactory performance was found. SLA 3D printing was used to manufacture the designs for empirical analysis. A combination of high speed photography and machine vision analysis along with a scatter, displaying shot consistency was used to measure final performance. Two final designs were produced from the 3D SolidWorks models. One which aimed to provide a flat trajectory and one which was designed to improve the range of the marker. Ultimately, both designs were found to be successful in their purpose. It was found that lowering the center of pressure the fluid applied to the ball, decreased the ball's forward spin, increasing the maximum range by 26%. Mechanical Engineering, MEng, University of the West of England.
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