sanitizar Drone

Created on 2020.06.04 56 views
PROBLEM STATEMENTS: A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. More than 15% of people affected by coronavirus while clearing the road, disinfecting surface so, to avoid this problem AIR BIKE(Drone) is designed to help to disinfect the surface or road without infected by a coronavirus. PROBLEM SOLUTION: The air bike design in such a way that then carried 2 sanitization tank place opposite to each other on the drone to provide balancing and control by one person. This air bike drive by Lithium-ion batteries having 60 kWh capacity. The pump transfers sanitation solutions from the tank, through the hose, and dispenses the liquid out of the nozzles attached to the drone. This nozzle can be interchanged for various flow rates and spray patterns that are matched for the specific need. There are 8 nozzle places on drone base with 4 faced to downward and 4 faced to side to ensure sanitization solution spared all around the corner of the road or surface. There is 4 lifting blade place in such a way that it makes the perfect balance of weight So, all lifting blade places all four directions to control the perfect lift, yaw, and pitching condition of the drone. The drone Dashboard is to provide full control to the operator. There is a location screen provided to the navigated operator, battery level indicator along with attitude indicator. All this information is in front of the operator and easy to control or change during fight or operation. With the use of this drone, we can easily save lots of lives from coronavirus.
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