Amphi- Quad copter

A Bird in looks An Amphibian at Work

Created on 2020.06.17 184 views
In 1907 The first ever Quad-copter was invented by the Bréguet brothers, but due to the lack of proper raw materials these unmanned flying devices were unable to give a proper flight. In today's world these devices now called 'Drones' as they mostly used for covert operations and secret reconnaissance missions. Problem: These drones from their dusk have been air based only which until the current days didn't have any sorts of issues. Yet day by day the expectations have been increasing for this multi-purpose device. Solution: To resolve the issue these drones can be made with various types of accessories to make it work on land and even in water. This provides even more ease of use and maneuverability to the classic device. The device we have used consists of a Quad-Copter with a boat shaped base with wheels instead of landing gear to make mobility on land and water easy. The Design has its own backlashes such as the weight of the total drone, to prevent this from causing any trouble when the device needs to move at higher speeds, the base is made detachable. so as to increase the speed of flight
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