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Created on 2018.06.25 476 views
Amputee ( The Hindi meaning- अपंग ) solutions The devices has been design for such brave sufferer who don't give up's an active prosthetic hand which give movement through numbers of mechanical joints (screw joint ,knuckle joint , rivet) .the devices is specified to do varies tasks like gripping ,grabbing ,picking the to restored the user's ability to perform the daily basic activities. such as, 1.gripping a pen for writing 2.Playing number of hand games. 3.grabbing a hand bag ,picking a glass of water and many more. And this creation, innovation and development will bring smiles to many face . This design done by the help of CATIA V5 software (3D CAD software) If you want to see the video how to work this Amputee solutions devices click this link . Thank you
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