Analysis of Mach-3 Jet Fighter Air Brake

Alternate Braking Concept for High speed Vehicles

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1. Concept Building
  • Using 3DExperience platform CATIA, the entire digital model of F-15 Raptor is being analysed to surface to point looking zones which can be build for Alternate braking concept.
  • In order to have proper braking using Bluff body concept, the air impinging should have making surface area to impact and dynamical should not alter the stability of the vehicle.
  • So the conceptual it would be better to chose a zone near to centre of gravity and for aerodynamics just after the pilot cockpit. 
2. Composite Modelling
  •  Considering a laminated composite plate at areas of impact (skins) which consist of 8 layers of equal thickness 
  • The stacking sequence is [0,90, 45, -45], where orientation angles are defined according to x-axis
  • Each ply is a fiber matrix composite where orthotropic properties have been given as input.
  • The modelling is considered equivalent layer method. 
3. Job Set-up & Analysis 
  • The model is assembled & section propertied have been given, a translation element to open the plate and rotational element has been assigned.
  • A pressure load have applied at different nodes and job is submitted for analysis. 
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