Asteroid-The Humanoid Robot

Design and manufacturing of humanoid robot to perform basic motion

Created on 2020.06.16 421 views
A  Humanoid is a human like robot which is capable of performing human like actions. These Humanoids have bright future in fields like automation, medical research, military surveillance, entertainment and also to provide emotional support.  We aspire to build a low cost,3D printed humanoid and to achieve basic movements like walking, self balancing, pick and drop. Asteroid has following specification 1. Height- 60 cm 2.Weight-  3 kg 3.D.O.F-19 The complete humanoid has been designed and examined for structural and kinematic validation. The skeleton is currently being manufactured using 3D printing technology.The humanoid has WiFi connection and can be  remotely controlled. It will be able to give a stable static walk and to accomplish assign task in defined workspace by receiving  feedback from sensory information. It is also provided with 3 finger symmetrical gripper to grasp objects irrespective of their shape and size. This gripper allows humanoid to pick and place objects effectively. we have also completed design of casing to provide safety for electronic components and for aesthetic purpose.
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