Audi R8 Spyder design (With a twist!)

Chassis design of an Audi R8 with some innovative touches, by an Innovation and Development Engineering student..

Created on 2020.04.25 157 views
Hello! My name is Gabriela Vallin and I did this complicated surfacing of an Audi R8 Spyder using SolidWorks and rendered both in SolidWorks and SolidWorks Visualize. But, as you can see, this is not just any Audi R8, it is an even more innovative one, it has some touches that almost no other car has, almost like a fantasy car, but real. First, this Audi has de ability to crawl like a crab because it has new, spherical wheels, so it can go sideways without even turning! This is better mainly for safety in parallel parking, and it opens a whole new world for free maneuvering and drivability in general. Nowadays this is partially possible to make (with semi-spherical wheels), but this design takes it to a whole new level with the completely spherical ones.  Another innovative aspect of this car are the blue solar panels on the roof and behind the greenhouse. This car that I modeled is mainly electric, so these panels are for emergencies when there are no power connections in the driveways (which is something very common in my country), these panels make the car a hybrid between electric and solar-powered.    You can see more of my projects on my Instagram page! @gabys_crazy_projects
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