Automated CPR Machine


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Sudden CARDIAC arrest account about 10 per cent of deaths in India each year.If the victims are not given immediate CPR the victim’s survival rate drops to 7-10 % with each passing minute. Our hands free CPR system helps in delivering the aid needed very quickly and efficiently.The system is connected to a ECG and a External Defibrillator. It helps to provide high-quality and safer chest compressions in situations such as patient movement and transportation, during prolonged CPR or in the cath lab. Once the unit is secure in place and the suction pad is placed on the patient above his Sternum, the system is activated for 40 minutes. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an important in role creating enough perfusion of pressure , The system delivers prominent and steady CPR even in very unlikely situations where normal CPR would be impossible to perform. The system allows the paramedics to work efficiently on the patient and in a manner that is safe while moving in an ambulance or while shifting the location of the patient.
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