Autonomous Paddy Stubble harvester and baler

self sustaining and fully automated straw baler

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Stubble burning refers to the use of a controlled fire to clear the paddy crop residue, which is left over the fields after harvesting. Every year around 21 million tons of stubble is being burnt which leads to severe air pollution. This agro-waste can be used as agriculture end-product and as a profitable raw material. Farmers have small-time period to clear this stubble and prepare the farm next crop and there is no proper machinery to do such tedious task. Three mechanical engineering students, Amith, Rakes and Vaibhav under the guidance of the assistant professor mechanical engineering, Dr Ankit Gupta designed developed a fully autonomous stubble harvester and compressor, a novel machine which clears stubble from the field and compresses it into cylinders called as bales, that makes the transportation of stubble to industries easy. The design of this machine has won the second position in Student Mechanism Design Contest (SMDC) at iNaCoMM 2019 held at IIT mandi, organized by Association for Machines and Mechanisms (AMM). The Complete specification for the subject invention, autonomous bale making mechanism has been patented. This project has been shortlisted in the LaFondation Industry-Academia Connect program and got selected for virtual conference organizing by Dassault Systemes.  
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