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Development of a contactless measurement system for high speed impact tests

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Bird and hail strike are dangerous incidents for aircrafts. Therefore it´s necessary to know how much impact energy the materials could absorb until total loss. Different specimen are penetrated/shot to get the specific material strength and to simulate those special incidents. The bachelor thesis deals with the theme of the development of a contactless measurement system to detect the deformation of the specimen during the test shooting. The combination of the kinematic energy of the bullet (glass / metal ball) and the deformation of the specimen will improve the knowledge of the material strength. CATIAV5 has been the major tool to design the necessary parts for this construction. It was used for the preliminary design in respect to the available space in between the test bench and considering different laser sensors. (model, manufacturer, measuring range) During the phase of concept, CATIAV5 has been used to simulate the kinematic movements of the laser sensors by considering the degrees of freedom of the intended mechanical joints. The DMU Kinematics bench has been used to create the mechanisms and combining them into different dressups. To ensure the freedom of movement, a clash analysis has been added. The final design, the drawings as well as the programming for the cnc milling machine has been created with CATIAV5. (Only the CNC-code has been merely checked with the software VeriCut) The system was tested by shooting onto different material specimens and all CATIAV5 based work has been suitable. This project shows how much benefit you could get, by using the virtual reality and the scope of a DMU.
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