Battery Electric Racecar

Formula 3 style

Created on 2019.05.31 173 views
This concept is a single seater, open wheeled, formula 3 style racecar. It is completely an electric vehicle powered by lithium ion batteries. Overall: 1)Weight=218 kgs 2)Wheelbase=1550 mm, Wheel track=1150 mm 3)Acceleration 0-100=4.3 secs 4) Peak Power= 33 kW ,Max motor speed=7500 rpm , Peak Torque on wheels=400 N-m. Chassis: 1)Chromoly Steel Spaceframe. Powertrain: 1)3 Phase AC induction motor  2)Lithium-ion cells 3)Curtis motor controller. Composites: 1)Carbon floor laminates,bodyworks and aero devices. 2)Carbon fibre steering wheel and drivers seat. 3)Carbon fibre tubed Suspension links.  Brakes: 1)Hydraulic Disc brake system 2)Longitudinal provision for brake biasing Vehicle Dynamics: 1)Damper to lower suspension at front and push-rod suspension at rear. 2)Anti-roll bar actuation 3)Rack and pinion steering along with double UV-joint. Drivetrain: 1)Locked Differential. 2)Addendum modified gears.  
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