Building Information Modelling (BIM) of Administrative Block in our newly upcoming University Campus using Architecture Engineering and Civil (AEC) brand of 3D Experience Platform of Dassault Systemes

From Foundation to Building - 3D BIM modelling for urban scope development for efficient utilization of area and cost optimization

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  1. Scope of Project:
  • The main scope of our project is to generate a 3D model using geographical data and urban area visualization.
  • Also, to set up, analyze and disseminate standard planning theories and projects, the 3D model serves as a communication and participation medium, which provides visualization power to see the relationships of projects access their feasibility plans and implementation.
  • Design with natural source of energy/light
  • Areas – Foundation, official rooms, class rooms, Conference Hall, Entertainment spaces, Food Court, Activity Centre, Interiors, Wash rooms & others facilities
  1. Technologies used:
For the execution of our project we have extensively used the following applications to design our 3D Model under brand - Architecture Engineering and Civil (AEC) of 3D Experience Platform of Dassault Systemes:
  • CATIA building structure
  • Civil 3d design
  • Building Space Planning
  • Building and civil assemblies
  • Some parts of humanoid design.
  1. Stages / Sequence of work performed in AEC while designing:
Our project is executed by following the modus operandi as below:
  • Creating the 2-Dimensional geometry/Layout of the superstructure Using Sketch
  •  Initiation of the building Grids (creation of storeys).
  •  Establishment of foundation, Footings and Piles.
  •  Forging of structural elements Beams, columns and slabs.
  •  Concoct of Reinforcement bar's (Rebars).
  •  Establishing interior Partition walls.
  •  Creation of Building mass.
  • Roof creation
  • Installation of building components 
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Curtain walls 
    • Staircase
  • Interior designing (furniture, lightings, color composite of different elements)
  • Learning & Benefit from Project:
    • 3D Experience Platform of Dassault Systemes provided me efficiently design and visualise the outcome for quick and faster result
    • Available libraries and design parameters enable to evaluate multiple option
    • End to end solution of BIM is available on Architecture Engineering and Civil (AEC) application which made me learn domain as well as technology
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