CAD Modeling of TECNAM P92 Eaglet

TOP DOWN Modeling of a light aircraft

Created on 2017.05.10 751 views
My name is Giovanni Vitiello and I did this project for my bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering at " Università di Napoli Federico II " on January 2017. The P92 Eaglet is an all metal, high wing, two-place, single-engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear, built by Tecnam, an aeronautical company of italian region Campania. The work dealt with the combination of geometrical and curve&surface modeling. I used the various workbench of CATIA V5, such as Part Design, Assembly Design, Wireframe & Surface Design and Aerospace SheetMetal Design. Particularly this last workbench has been used to modeling the inner structure of the wings, thanks to a pre-defined set of Features used for sheetmetal parts designed in the aerospace industry (hydro-pressed or break-formed) with interactive functions in a very intuitive and fast way. I want to share my project also for the memory of Luigi Pascale, brilliant neapolitan professor and founder of Tecnam.
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