chapel on the water


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Hello We’are  students at ASO ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN COLLEGE. We’re learning architectural engineering by a second year student. it was made by a team of daiki hokamoto,and taison maeda. A chapel on the water, was made usign 3DEXPERIENCE for the purpose of technological improvement of 3DCAD. chapel on the water is the church Tadao ando,built in Shimukappu,Yufutsugun,Shimukappumura,Hokkaido in 1988. We were particular about the internal space and also made furniture. The internal space was devised so that this building could see the inside on foot and go around. The concrete of which a building is composed was made an individual block and an assembly was done to get the realistic appearance. I'm having for my object to utilize this data, use Virtual Reality by the next stage, use 3dexperience and also use it for smartbim. Thank you very much for seeing our work.
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