Chassis Design for E-Bike


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Chassis Design for E-Bike A frame design is dependent on the suspension, steering and transmission subassembly design of the particular vehicle and hence gives flexibility to optimize it in terms of weight and durability. Among the vehicle structural components, the frame is the most important part in the vehicle. The centralization and reduction in weight of the chassis improves vehicle's handling and performance. The frame is required to support the various loads of the components and systems of the vehicle as well that of the rider, pillion and payload and sustain numerous forces and torques induced by bumping, braking and acceleration. Under normal operating conditions, it is subjected to dynamic forces transmitted from the front and rear suspension systems. The frame is subjected to time varying loads during its service life which may lead to fatigue failure. Electric bikes are easy to fabricate and develop. They are Eco friendly. comparatively Economical. Free of maintenance. Easy to recharge the battery.
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