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Created on 2019.05.10 162 views
I'm designing and developing an open source desktop reaction vessel and data logger. The whole thing is built around a custom pipette robot and will be used to measure reaction rates and perform serial dilutions and titrations. The goal is to automate several time consuming processes inside the chemistry laboratory. Being open source means it can be built to suit an assortment of needs. The end user will be able to add various styles of reaction vessels for different glassware and reaction pathways. The main reaction vessel can record RGB color data, 6 channel spectroscopy in 450nm, 500nm, 550nm...etc wavelengths, VOC content/gas detection, lux, light temperature, ambient temperature, live thermal imager, live video. It also had temperature control and a magnetic stir bar. There are several pieces to this project including a wireless battery powered analytical scale that will log and record its data and push it over a meshed sensor network. This would allow field researchers to weigh samples and collect data in remote locations. This gives the average basement chemist the ability to more accurately monitor reactions and tweak product formulas.
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