Chevrolet Celadon Vehicle Interior

Created on 2017.05.19 401 views
My name is Donald Axhami and I am a student studying Transportation Design at Lawrence Technological University. As a sponsored project by Chevrolet, my class was assigned to conceptualize a future battery electric vehicle exterior and interior that fit on a constrained footprint. The concept for my project is simple. The year is 2030 and the demand for a natural aesthetic and ecological awareness is rising in response to dull and polluted urban areas. The Chevrolet Celadon is the answer by providing an organic, naturalist statement for the consumer. By incorporating an inboard hydroponic garden, the vehicle provides its own fresh air for the passenger while also satisfying the presence of a natural aesthetic. The vehicle interior portion of the project that is displayed was modeled in CATIA with the 'Generative Shape Design' and 'Image and Shape' workbenches. Thank you!
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