Coaxial Reversal Drone including a starter

The engine drone that extended playload and thrust for apply industrial application

South Korea
Created on 2019.07.01 22 views
The conventional drone use the battery system so  it is impossible flying the long time. Also thrust of drone are low that it has difficult to apply the industrial application. The reason that we cannot engine power system is it has difficult to control the balance. The engine's efficiency show decided superiority than battery motor system so we decided to use the hybrid power system. The purpose of engine is supporting the power of lift of drone needed and the balance control use the conventional motor system so that extend the duration of flight and thrust. We suggest the Quad form of mechanism of thrust that solve the difficult of engine drone's balance and combine the control system. For using the engine thrust system, we designed the clutch system for preventing the starting. Also we secure the stability for preventing the engine was starting at the same time propeller also rotating.
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