Compact Gear box with 488:1 reduction

modular high efficiency gear box

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Compact gear box system have been designed for as per the requirement. The reduction of 488:1 is gained in such a small space. Introduction Motor of speed 500 rpm is selected. The corresponding torque is 42mNm. When speed reduces to 1 rpm the toque at the output shaft will be 21Nm (ideal transmission) .So a gear system with reduction 488:1 is designed so that desired speed and torque is obtained at the output shaft. Reduction is performed in 4 stages such that reduction of 4.7 is done in each step. Reduction    488:1(4 stage reduction) Assembly   First of all enclosure box is taken and bearing is inserted in the bearing fit hole .Output shaft with bearing fit and helical gear at an end is inserted. Motor is then clamped in the design envelop with the help of screw. Now preassembled gear box is fixed with the help of screw. Design features   Helical gear have been used to make the system silent and for effective transmission of power. Spur gear has also been used in the transmission from motor to the gear box for the ease of assembly. Taking equal reduction at each stages optimizes the transmission and makes the manufacture of the gear system more economic as the gear used in the geared system are of same properties. It’s obvious that the manufacturing cost reduces when producing the same product in a huge amount. The system is designed to be modular making it more reliable in context of maintenance and performance. The system can be divided into 4 modules. {Output shaft, design envelop, gear box and motor assembly} If any of the Modules fails, maintenance or replacement of the only module is enough.   link:
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