Customizable Industrial robot design by EKL (IIIT)-APSSDC

customizable robot design

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Essential of robot: Industrial robot technology progresses rapidly. The robots of the future will far exceed the capabilities of today’s robots, automating tasks that were impossible in some years before. Many of these future robots are the one that will transform the way we work today, the way we travel today, the way we purchase items and the way we do in industries are under development today. In several of the most innovative robotics labs around the country, the limits of robot technology are being greatly developed and entirely new forms of automation are emerging. Future of robotics in design: Since future of industries mostly believe in automation, as if that case the manufacturing sector depend more on robots to replace human works. Well! there are various type of robots are there according to the purpose like assembly, pick and place, welding, Painting robots and some more. All kinds of robots are deployed to various kinds of work according to the industry need some robots are deployed hazardous area like welding and painting some deal with assembly process and pick and place. Industry 4.0, or the industrial internet of things (IIoT), refers to industrial manufacturing processes where all equipment, devices and computers are connected. This creates an environment rich for big data analysis and self-correcting procedures, among many other possibilities. This may seem like a entire future for manufacturers more than any other sector. In the manufacturing application Robotics in future is inevitable in these sectors, Automotive Sector, Electric and Electronic Sector, Food and Beverage Sector, Healthcare Sector, Warehouse Sector, Military Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture Sector, Environment Sector. Design automation: However, the designing a robot plays a crucial role to manufacture them and supply them according to the industry need. When it is comes for designing individually different robots consume lot of time and effort. We have to customize a design to solve this problem. Here’s the Dassault systemes EKL application plays better role to automate design by scripting rules and checks and also the formulae and parameters. Model methodology: We can change the design according to need and purpose and also, we can change the size and shapes of the robot into various types robot by using knowledge libraries. Here I have made two kinds of end effector one can hold cylindrical objects the other one can lift any type of component may be useful for assembly or pick & place operation. We can adjust the design of end effector-2 from 4 fingers to 3 fingers by customization library. We can customize the number of links also to control the degrees of freedom. So that we can get different design by customized design process. In this design we made separate knowledge libraries for two types end effector. The end effector 1 and 2 being assigned to different location of knowledge library. These libraries will work according the rule we written in language browser. The rule may be any conditional or looping concept of normal programming languages. The parameter what we are giving that will directly linked to the rule while creating the parameter changes will reflect on the model according the rule. Benefits: We can also add checks in order to standardize your product design data and protect the design from unwanted changes by the other people or anonymous person’s activities. By this customized design we can save lot of money in designing a new robots for every new requirements according to the work type. By the we can involve in other research related activity. Finally design automation in software is become possible because of EKL. Play your part in this new age of technology development accordingly.
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