Design and Manufacturing of Automated Guided Vehicle with Pick and Throw Application

: To build a Automated Guided Vehicle which will automatically navigate and pick the object and then throw at specific distance

Created on 2019.05.16 191 views
 Swerve Drive Train is use for Navigation of Automated Guided Vehicle. Swerve drive is a holonomic drive train in which the robot can move in any direction without changing its orientation by steering the wheels. It is also known as crab steer drive. Benefits of Swerve Drive
  • With traction wheels, more drive force can be vectored in any desired direction
  • Faster acceleration response due to high traction of wheels
  • Direction of motion can be changed using single steering motor
  • Wide flexibility of motion
  • Compared to other holonomic drives friction to surface is high which reduces the slipping of wheels.
The 3D experience platform is used for Part Design, Assembly, Mechanical Sync Design, Mechanical Sync Experience, Rendering. The robot can be used in applications like stacking of goods in warehouse.
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