Design and Manufacturing of Automatic Quadruped Robot with Speed and Direction Control

To build a Quadruped robot which will move only on four legs, like a horse and has to detect and cross the obstacles in his path like blocks, steps, etc.

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The aim is to design and manufacture an autonomous quadruped robot which should be capable of walking in different terrains as well as of changing direction and speed in order to follow given path. While doing so some of the things have to consider various aspects of robot such as walking mechanism, stability, motors/actuators selection, efficient power distribution, circuit protection, efficient algorithm, avoiding any unwanted condition like stalling of motors. The 3D experience platform is used for Part Design, Assembly, Mechanical Sync Design, Mechanical Sync Experience, Rendering. The stability of Quadruped robot was a major concern in the project, so the simulation is done in solidworks and Simulia and from the results the legs configurations are decided. Autonomous Quadruped robot is able to sense its environment and will walk accordingly. The motion planning  is done through active sensor feedback and terrain detection with the use of a suitable control unit, various sensors, actuators, electronic components and applying the suitable algorithm to achieve the desired output. 
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