Design and simulation of automatic flower garland machine

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  Garlands and the act of garlanding are deeply rooted in Indian culture. They can take the form of religious symbols to honour gods or even as a symbol of respect to a distinguished guest. At present the method of making garlands is manual. It is time-consuming and unproductive. The purpose of this study is to design and simulate a machine which can make a flower garland automatically with minimum manual labour. It will make the process easier, less time taking and productive. The process of garland making is studied. The same process is carried out by the mechanism. The mechanism is designed using process parameters. The simulation is done on the motion analysis component of Solidworks. Selection of material is done according to the function, cost, weight and durability. The general layout of the configuration is made. It consists of all the components needed to make the machine. The design of individual components was done. The forces acting on the components are determined. The geometric dimensions of the component using a suitable factor of safety and modify the dimensions from assembly and manufacturing considerations are determined. Likely mode of failure is determined and suitable changes in the dimensions and cross-section are done in the parts and assembly. Drawings are generated using Solidworks. A semi-automatic machine is designed and fabricated.It involves some use of hands to do some processes. According to simulation and analysis machine will perform its function with required accuracy and reliability.
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