Design of Electric Tricycle

Designing and Investigating of Electrical Tricycle

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Surat city, Gujarat, India has a huge vehicle population over its area and human population. Moreover, two wheeler, including gasoline powered bikes and mopeds are leading category by population of 17 lakhs out of 22 lakhs hence, this category of vehicles is one of the biggest factor for noise and air pollution as they emit a huge amount of CO2, CO, NOX. Thus, Delta type Electrical tricycle is proposed as an alternative to replace gasoline powered two wheeler. Parts such as battery, motor, motor controller, wheels and braking systems are adopted from the electric bike and calculated for dynamic and kinematic conditions. Along with calculation, study carried forward to Computer Aided Design model of electrical tricycle is made with SOLIDWORKS. Furthermore, it has been imported and analysed by Finite Element Analysis method in ANSYS (v18.1). The FEA methodology included the tests of several loading case such as bending, torsion, lateral-braking operation, longitudinal steering operation and natural frequencies. Succeeding with the satisfactory results gained with FEA method; Prototype (practical working model) was made and tested on the roads of the Surat City (Study Area). 
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