Design of Food Waste Disposer

By crushing method

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Problem: •Food waste is a huge problem in developed countries and it is a serious economical and environmental issue. •Food scraps are placed in the garbage and carried to the landfill to decompose and produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas which is far more potent than carbon dioxide. •Nearly 40% of the food produced in India is wasted or lost. And this costs one lakh crore rupees every year. Solution:  The acquainted project here is ' DESIGN  OF FOOD WASTE DISPOSER', in order to prevent the effect of methane released from the food waste on environment .This helps in decomposing waste food within a short span of time, by using water and converting it into liquid and can be used as manure .This can be done by using a wide variety of food waste shredders and grinders which reduces food stuff down to size. thereby reduces several economical and environmental issues.
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